In vitro evaluation

We have the facilities and expertise to perform in vitro affinity/specificity studies and intracellular distribution studies for compounds with a fluorescent label. These services help provide to take the first step in the preclinical evaluation of new imaging targets/imaging agents. (more…)

Custom synthesis/conjugation

If your product development requires a specific peptide and/or imaging label design, we can explore possible synthetic routes and and can perform custom synthesis. On top we can take care of bioconjugation to peptides, proteins etc. If desired structure activity optimizations can be performed and the synthetic route can be made suitable for cGMP production, which may be facilitated by the GMP production facility at the LUMC. (more…)

Fluorescent dyes and multimodal imaging labels

We have numerous in-house synthesized fluorescent dyes available for conjugation and tailoring of the tracer kinetics. On top we have labels available for conjugation that combine a fluorescent dye with the most routinely used chelates available for SPECT or PET imaging. Please let us know if you have a specific design in mind and we can see if it can be tailor made. (more…)

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