Interventional Molecular Imaging Lab

The Interventional Molecular Imaging Lab in the Leiden University Medical Center is dedicated to the synthesis and development of radiolabeled and fluorescent peptides, proteins and antibodies with particular expertise in hybrid labelling. We find synthesis solutions to difficult imaging problems. While others can merely synthesize or evaluate a compound, we offer synthesis tailored to the specific requirements of our clients and assist in the evaluation of the labelled compound. We use our clinical experience to arrive at the optimal structure-activity relationship.

What we offer

  • Fluorescent, radiolabeling (111In or 99mTc) and/or hybrid labeling of targeting peptides, proteins or antibodies.
  • Structure-activity optimization of imaging peptides
  • Preclinical validation studies in cells using fluorescence imaging
  • Preclinical validation studies using SPECT (and fluorescence) imaging

Custom Synthesis
The preparation of requested amounts of compounds that have already been described and for which synthetic procedures are available. May also be possible to provide derivatives of known compounds. Research Based Synthesis These projects generally involve more complex synthesis and require longer times for execution as the compounds being synthesized have not been described in the literature. Synthetic pathways to these compounds may need to be designed before being executed. Research- based synthesis projects will be invoiced on a monthly basis, at an FTE rate.


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